History of The Crumley House

The Crumley House opened its doors in the summer of 1992. Although from afar this may have looked like the beginning, the dream that became a reality was born in 1981. On a September afternoon, the lives of then 14 year old Lori Beth Ford and her family were dramatically and forever changed. Following a tragic automobile accident, this beautiful and vibrant teenager became a brain injury survivor.

After several weeks in a coma, Lori Beth awakened with a frontal lobe injury to her brain. She was unable to walk, speak, or eat. The accident ended years of ballet, horseback riding, cheerleading, and many other outstanding endeavors. However, it did not end her life The goals changed but the drive and support of her family did not. Ms. Barrett, who knew very little on the subject of traumatic brain injury, did not hesitate. She immersed herself in Lori’s hands-on rehabilitation and recovery. She discovered throughout the process that there was a crucial missing link in the rehabilitation cycle. There was no place to support the transition between acute rehabilitation, community reentry, and independent living skills. From this idea grew what is now The Crumley House.

Through grant money and private fundraising, she turned her own family’s pain into a resource for the entire region. The Crumley House began as an act of love and continues to be for our members and their families.

June Barrett,founder of Crumley House (R) is pictured with her daughter, Lori Beth (L)