Parking Placard

The forms that need to be completed are state specific and are handled by multiple agencies, including the county clerk, the Department of Revenue, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. The forms generally have a portion that needs to be completed by a Medical Professional or Christian Science Practitioner. The wording of who qualifies is somewhat confusing at times, but rarely provides a stumbling block to
obtaining the License Plate/Placard.

  • Kentucky

The application for a Special Registration Plate for disabled persons is located at

The application for a Disabled Person’s special parking permit is available at

  • North Carolina

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has a web page that is located at, which has a good description of the steps needed to acquire a Permanent placard, Temporary placard, and a Handicap Driver Registration plate.

The application for the Permanent Handicap Placard is at, and the Temporary Placard application is at

The application for the Handicapped Drivers Registration Plate is at

  • Tennessee

The application for for the Disabled Person License Plate and/or placard can be found at

  • Virginia

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles issues the Disabled Parking Placards or License Plates. The application can be found at

There are multiple devices available to make the use of placards easier. Here are a couple of videos showcasing their devices.

The penalties for abusing Disabled Parking Placards and License Plates varies by location. Please view the video clip below.